These colorful ladies can be found all over Colombia’s  Carribbean Coast, and are a main tourist attraction of the Cartagena Old Town. They usually charge you for taking pictures of them, which is perfectly fine since it’s an important part of their income. However, if you buy some of the delicious tropical fruits they sell, they usually let you take a picture while they’re preparing your pick.

It’s interesting to know that these women come from the village San Basilio de Palenque, about two hours from Cartagena into the Montes de Maria area. They take the bus in the early morning and spend the whole day selling fruits to the tourists. San Basilio i’s the last remaining Palenque in this area, a walled village founded by escaped African slaves in the seventeenth century. They remained very secluded in their village, and over the centuries created their own culture, music and language, out of  their many different African roots. It is also the first “free town” of the Americas.  It’s been named  a world heritage site by the UNESCO.  If you’re ever in the area, it is very much worth a visit.



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