Spring in Rome

This spring and good friend and I went on a short trip to Rome.  She invited me to celebrate my recent graduation from university. I have great friends. I know.

This is one of the beautiful advantages of living in the middle of Europe: You can just hop on a plane and be in almost every part of the continent within one or two hours.  A long weekend usually is just enough, though for Rome you should really take some more time. It is just too vast.  We only spent four days there. It was incredible, but I feel like we just got a good first impression. I will definitely have to go back for more.

We left Germany at March 1st, a little bit of spring already in the air. Flying over the snow-covered Alps was really cool. However, when we landed in Italy 2 hours later, spring was in full swing.

Until we had checked in and changed, the sun was already going down, and so our first impressions of the city (where neither of us had been before) was in soft evening light and later darkness.

The Spanish Steps was one of our first stops.

The Fontana di Trevi by night is stunning. We waited to the next day to throw our pennies in, it was just too crowded!

The Pantheon and the Piazza in front of it where my favorite place in this crowded, overwhelming city. The ancient temple pantheon (for all goods)  exudes a modesty and eternalness that stands in stark contrast to the hundreds of newer churches and palaces in the city around it.

To get from our hotel to the inner city we had to cross the Tevere on one of the many bridges. Beautiful by day and by night.

Over the next days we just wandered through the city, more often than not with really no clear idea where we were going. At every turn, behind every corner some new old structure awaits you, either enormous and grandiose, or ancient and rich in history.

St. Peters Place

The Colosseum, seen from the gardens in the Forum Romanum.  Definitely one of my favorites. Again, history impresses more than splendour.

So all this history can get a little overwhelming. Add the crazy traffic and the constant noise of horns and VERY loud talking, and you’re ready for a break after two days tops.  I highly recommend to hang out in one of the many parks of the city. I especially liked the big park around beautiful Villa Borghese. Very central and still super green and relaxing.

What makes the city so special is that you have a combination of incredible historical sites embedded in a modern, very lively city. You can walk on ground where gladiators fought the lions roughly 2000 years ago, and on the way home to your trendy boutique hotel you can either have the best pasta of your life at very little cost or you can pass by Armani or Gucci for some fancy shopping.  OH the food.. I’m not getting into that here. Deserves a whole post by itself.

Here are some more impressions from the Eternal City:

The cats in Rome are huge, and very well fed. I don’t think I really want to know why.  There is an archeological site in the middle of the city where more than 200 wild cats live. And all look to be very well in shape. It’s a mystery to me.

4 thoughts on “Spring in Rome

  1. I love seeing Rome through your camera. I was there for only a late evening and next morning, so I had a quick glimpse of some of the major sites and that was it. Must go back.

    • It was like a revelation for me. Easily took first place of my favorite cities. Such beauty at every corner! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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