La bouffe

Eating in South France was incredible. Everything tastes so much better. Of course beeing on vacation does that to you. But the local cheese and white Côte-du-Rhône wines were a match made in heaven. A peace of baguette et voilà, le diner!

The area above the Ardèche river is chestnut contry. The marrons are the local speciality and can be found everywhere: in yoghurts and mousses, as a spread on Crêpe or baguette, roasted or cooked as a side dish, or like this in a heavenly crunchy-creamy Crème brulée aux marrons.

I know, you know this already, but the french crepes alone ar e a reason to go there. With goat cheese or ham, or like this with apples, caramel sauce and ice cream.. Bliss!!

Rosé Cidre – do I need to say more? Almost no alcohol (2% I think?), just enough for a little afternoon buzz in the shade.

Macarons!! I love those crispy sweet little things. Wonder if I could make them myself!?

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